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Beuys, Joseph - 1979 - Der Unbesiegbare / The Unconquerable One (Für die Grünen)

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Beuys, Joseph
born 1921 in D - Krefeld, died 1986 in D - Düsseldorf


election poster Für die Grünen
original design
colour silkscreen with red letters
100 cm x 70 cm
good condition


order no. 22985





Designed by Johannes Stüttgen, this poster shows Beuys' sculpture 'Der Unbesiegbare' (The Unconquerable One). It depicts a hare made from modeling clay being threatened by a plastic toy soldier - for Beuys, this represents the senseless war waged by cold technology against natural warmth and fertility. The German Green Party declined to use this poster as part of their election campaign." (Döring, 2011, p.106)

   You can see the small figures today in Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt (hall 7, show case 4).




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Döring, Jürgen: Phantasie an die Macht - Politik im Künstlerplakat / Power to the Imagination - Artists, Posters and Politics, hg. von Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, 2011, p.106 f.

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