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Blase, Karl-Oskar - 1955 - Städische Galerie München (The Family of Man)

Poster: Blase, Karl-Oskar - 1955 - Städische Galerie München (The Family of Man) Zoom imageZoom image
Poster: Blase, Karl-Oskar - 1955 - Städische Galerie München (The Family of Man)

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Blase, Karl Oskar
born 1925 in Cologne, died 2016 in D - Kassel


poster of the exhibition at Städtische Galerie München
title: Wir Alle - The Family of Man

photo: Eugene V. Harris
original design (together with Felix Müller)
colour offset
84 cm x 60 cm
two minimal taped tears

order no. 19639




The  photo exhibition 'The Family of Man' was composed 1951 by Edward Steichen for the MOMA in New York. 503 photos were shown in the year 1955. The exhibition arrived in 68 countries. It should be the most successful exhibition of photos ever held. Concerning the financing of the exhibition and its position in the Cold War and the era of atom bomb look at Sandeen, 1995, p. 42 f. and 100 ff. It was declared by UNESCO to World Heritage Site, today it's in in Luxemburg.

   The motif "Peruvian flute player" has been chosen by Edward Steichen. It seemed to be "lighthearted" and punctuate the sentence: "Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul." The photographer Eugene V. Harris came to Steichen to report on the death of his collegue Werner Bischoff. Harris and Bischof "had been photographing in Peru when Bischof died by an automobile accident. Harris brought with him some of his own work from South America, including the photograph of the flute player." Look at Sandeen, 1995, p.45

 The exhibition took also place in Paris, see Harris, Eugene (order no. 23109).

Karl Oskar Blase, pathbreaking german graphic artist, studies in graphic and painting in Wuppertal (Germany), art dicector (together with Felix Müller) of the 'Amerikahäuser' in Germany (1952-1958), professor at the Kunsthochschule Kassel (1966-1992), corporate design (poster, catalogue and partly logo) for the documenta 4,5,6,8, design of more than 50 stamps for the German Post (1955-1988), managing board Kasseler Kunstverein (Germany), he designed numerous posters for exhibitions (please have a look in our stock) and institutions (e.g. Atlas Film-Verleih, Staatstheater Kassel, 'form' - Zeitschrift für Gestaltung) and also functional design patterns (e.g. 'Falke Strümpfe', cutlery 'mono'), lives and works in Kassel, Germany.


Felix Müller, born 1923 in D - Solingen, died 1996, studied in graphic in Wuppertal, student of Jupp Ernst, founded together with Karl Oskar Blase the graphic office müller-blase, teacher and director at the art school in Bremen.





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The Family of Man, Cat. Museum of Modern Art, New York, 30th Anniversary Edition, 1983
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Fine descritpion of the poster in Lukatis, Christiane u.a.: Plakat Kunst Kassel, Austellungskat. Neue Galerie Kassel 2017, no. 4, p.54 f., about Felix Müller, p.258

See also our catalogue 'From Arp to Pollock': Art and exhibition posters in France and Germany 1945-1960, Cologne 2016

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